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      Natura™ NEO™ Wood Ceilings


      Natural Wood, Ultimate Variations

      Architects and designers said they wanted a simple wood solution that supported a versatile selection of textures and striations, allowed matching with existing wood finishes, and have various perforations for decoration and acoustical performance. Natura™ NEO™ wood panels, with available FSC-certified options, do just that, offering tiles, planks and grills that fit a range of interior applications.

      NEW - Ceilings and Walls Product Guide

      The 2017-2018 edition is a comprehensive guide to all our ceiling and wall products featuring an extensive range of projects and new products.

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      Performance Inside, Beauty Out

      We finish both sides of every Natura NEO panel, easing installation and providing a consistently beautiful look. The panel core is stable and moisture-resistant ensuring durability and long product life.

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