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      Metal Ceilings


      Timeless Design, Modern Functionality

      Yes, we have oversized metal panels, and planks to 20 feet. Not to mention a variety of customizable ceiling and wall systems for both interiors and exteriors. But it's our in-depth technical consulting and practical problem solving on applications of any type and scale that makes the difference. We provide industry-leading solutions for a wide range of commercial and industry metal ceiling systems.

      Website Transition to CertainTeed

      The Hunter Douglas Ceilings & Walls website is moving to the CertainTeed Specialty Ceilings website soon.


      Now Exclusively from CertainTeed

      Hunter Douglas' North American Ceiling & Wall Products are now exclusively from CertainTeed.

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      ecoScorecard LEED tool

      This online product evaluation helps simplify the LEED certification process. Just select a product and enter a few details to generate printable documentation of our ceiling systems.

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