• Solution: Ceilings
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Architect/Specifier: 3XNielsen; PLH Architects
  • Product: Techstyle Acoustical Ceilings

The Copenhagen, Denmark, offices of Deloitte, the country's largest financial services/auditing firm, express a distinctly urban aesthetic.

With design contributions from both 3XNielsen and PLH Architects, the building features a double-glazed fašade and ample daylight. 3XNielsen established light as a dominant element even within the firm's audiovisual screening room, where strong light control would typically dominate.

By placing light fixtures behind the translucent Techstyle acoustical panels, they created a ceiling that glows dramatically. The system's easy, swing-down clip suspension allows easy access to maintain lighting as needed.

Techstyle panels' exceptional acoustical performance (NRC=0.85, ?w=0.80) further enhances the room's performance as an optimal space for presentations.