NOTE: Most materials meet all requirements of NFPA 701 small scale flammability testing for commercial applications (*perforated PVC is not fire retardant and does not meet NFPA 701 requirements)
Color and fabric images are for illustration only.
For accurate specification, please request product samples.

Afton White

Afton Off White

Afton Tan

Afton Gray

Aluminum Off White

Aluminum Zinc

Aluminum Onyx

Aluminum Perforated Zinc

Basket Chalk

Basket Natural

Basket Stucco

Basket Ash

Basket Concrete

Collins White

Collins Off White

Collins Almond

Collins Graphite

Colonnade Fence Post

Colonnade Shadow

Colonnade Nutmeg

Gilmore White

Gilmore Off White

Gilmore Pewter

Lily Porcelain

Lily Champagne

Midwood Bone

Midwood Frost

Montford Sandstone

Montford White Wash

Vinylscapes Flat or Curved White

Vinylscapes Flat or Curved Off White

Vinylscapes Flat or Curved Ivory

Vinylscapes Flat or Curved Gray

Vinyl Perforated White

Vinyl Perforated Ivory

Vinyl Perforated Gray

Wesley White

Wesley Cream

Wesley Off White

Wesley Light Gray