Enduris Glass Core

Enduris™ Glass Core

Hunter Douglas Contract introduces Enduris™ Glass Core technology for solar shading fabrics. The durability and stability of Enduris™ technology comes from the inside out, starting with a fiberglass strand that makes it naturally fire resistant, dimensionally stable, and resistant to expansion and stretching due to heat. An innovative vinyl coating protects the fiberglass, providing additional durability with UV inhibitors, adding flame resistance, and also making the fabric colorfast to light.

Enduris™ Glass Core Benefits
  • Superior coating uniformity and surface aspect
  • High resistance to temperature variations
  • Naturally fire resistant
  • Dimensionally stable - minimal stretching /sagging
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-rotting
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • UV inhibitors
  • Glass fiber yarns are a natural composite material
  • Easy to clean
Fabrics with Enduris Glass Core