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      RB 500

      Inner Strength, Outer Beauty

      RB 500 roller shades put the muscle behind elegance at the window. Featuring a sleek architectural design with smooth operation and unrivaled inner strength, the RB 500 roller shade operating system spans even the largest window expanses, beautifully. Well-designed large shades make a dramatic statement, defining and controlling heat, light, and views. Highly durable hardware and operating systems deliver smooth and reliable operation. The new modular RB 500 roller shade system offers a wide variety of components.

      • Heavy-duty metal clutch provides smooth and easy lift capabilities.
      • Modular operating system accommodates chain, crank and motorized applications.
      • Universal spring-loaded end plug mounts shades securely and provides for smooth and easy installation.
      • Utilization of counter balance weight system provides for ease of lifting roller shades over large expanses.
      • Durable standard clutch system provides universal mounting capabilities (left or right) and aesthetically pleasing one size format capable of lifting a range of shade weights.
      • Durable roller tubes are engineered to span large expanses.
      • Heavy-Duty chain with 110-pound breaking strength provides worry-free and smooth operation of shades.
      • Aluminum designer installation bracketing system provides unique architectural aesthetic possibilities and strong mounting platform.

      Click here for additional information, or download the RB 500 Sell Sheet or RB 500 Roller Shades Specification Catalog.