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      Express Basics Alternative Wood Blinds


      Best for Kids™ Certified Product

      Offering the ultimate solution to privacy, light control, and child safety, tap into popular textures and stains that mimic the look and feel of wood for seamless function and classic style with Express Basics Alternative Wood Blinds.

      Safe for children and pets, cordless Express Basics Alternative Wood Blinds are ideal for mixed-use and multi-family installations.

      Product Details

      Key Features


      • Best for Kids™ certified product
      • Meets all NFPA 701 requirements
      • Low-profile PVC headrail
      • Wand tilt only (left side only)
      • 2-1/2" Crescent Valance is standard
      • Lengths are fabricated in 6" increments
      • LightsOut Routeless feature 

      Product Details

      • Mechanism: standard cordless/wand tilt only (left side only)
      • Material: engineered polymer, 6 colors
      • Slats: 2" 
      • Minimum Width: 18" 
      • Maximum Width: 96"
      • Minimum Length: 18"
      • Maximum Length: 84" (max width 60")
      • Wand tilt only: 24”, 36” or 48” lengths

      Blind lengths are fabricated in 6" increments
      Blinds over 60” in width will include a metal support brace


      Blind Length           Wand Length
      18” - 72”                 24”
      If blind width < 36" and blind length > 72"     36” Wand (2-piece)




      Design Options


      • Standard Cordless Lift
        • Engineered polymer cordless mechanism
        • Quiet and reliable
      • Additional Options
        • Continuous Valance Option: No surcharge - included
        • Outside Mount Returns: 3"
        • Inside Mount Returns: 1/2" 
        • Hold down brackets standard
        • Spacer Blocks (3/8")

      Download Installation Instructions

      Name Download
      Express Basics Alternative Wood Blinds Installation Instructions


      The general well-being of a building's occupants contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Hunter Douglas' overall shading strategy addresses daylighting, glare control, management of heat gain and general aesthetics. Each plays a key role in improving indoor environmental quality, conserving energy and supporting built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable.

      U.S. Green Building Council

      As a Silver Member, Hunter Douglas Architectural is proud to partner with USGBC - a global movement of professionals, businesses, innovators and community leaders - in working to accomplish a single bold vision: healthy, efficient and equitable buildings and communities for all.

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