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      Roller Shades


      Success on a Roll(er)

      We love working with architects to explore roller shades' ability to deliver versatile combinations of light control, operation, and style. Available with advanced motorized systems and reliable manual chain- and crank-driven lifting hardware -- not to mention a comprehensive range of fabric constructions and colors -- our commercial roller shades meet and exceed a wide variety of commercial requirements.

      UL Certified RB 500 Roller Shades

      We are proud to announce our RB 500+ roller shade system has just been UL Certified. 


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      Shading LEED Calculator

      Enter Simple Specs from your project to get customized LEED™ documentation of Recycled Content (MR 4.1) and Distance to Manufacturer (MR 5.1)

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      Roller Fabric Performance Guide

      This tool shows how the color, openness, and weave of a roller shade affects glare control, view-through, and energy performance for a specific location, orientation and window type.

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