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      BART Station


      San Francisco , California, United States


      MBT and ED2 International - San Francisco

      Designed by a joint venture of MBT and ED2 International, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station earns high marks for its design. In "The Everyday Experience of Transit", Jack Fahnestock praised its exceptional design, which breaks from planning principles that date back to the 1970s.

      The station, located on level 3 of SFO's International Terminal, protects travelers from the elements with a large expanse of arched ceilings featuring 6" linear metal ceilings by Hunter Douglas. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, the panels will not mold or mildew and resist rust. The panels were selected not only because they created visual interest overhead, but also because they are easy to install and integrate seamlessly with lighting fixtures. Composed of over 70% recycled aluminum, the durable panels also add sustainability to the project.

      Daylighting enhances the station's sustainability with a thoughtful design that moves sunlight along the entire length of the ceiling to the stairs and escalators below. The light serves a decorative purpose as well, engaging passengers passing through the station with Ned Kahn's "Wind Portal." The dynamic sculpture uses 20,000 stainless-steel mirrored disks that swirl into motion with the wind of passing trains. "The myriad of tiny mirrors reflect colors from people's clothing as they pass through the portal," says Kahn, "creating an ever-changing mosaic of light, sculpted by the wind."

      BART station marks a return to transportation centers that set aesthetic standards as well as meeting functional standards. According to Fahnestock, its focus on passenger comfort will "make a real difference in our everyday experience of transit."