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      Cisco Systems EBC


      San Jose, California, United States



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      Techstyle® White

      For technology companies, staying up-to-date is no luxury. It's often life or death. But it's also true that elemental design can prove to be the best way to remain relevant. That was the approach architects from HOK used in creating an Executive Briefing Center for Cisco Systems, a leading manufacturer of communications hardware.
      The building -- which is home to a variety of customer meeting and training areas -- has a long, low look with interiors featuring earth tones and bold metallics. Using simple yet high-quality finishes, HOK created a classic, timeless look.
      White Techstyle® acoustical ceilings from Hunter Douglas were a key component of the design. Techstyle® panels were selected for their clean, monolithic appearance. Excellent noise reduction (NRC=0.85) added to the appeal by improving interior acoustics without sacrificing aesthetics.
      The panels' high reflectivity was also a factor. Designers employed LED lighting throughout to add color, bouncing the shifting tones across the Techstyle® ceilings to illuminate interior spaces. It's a dynamic, engaging color scheme that reinforces Cisco's core values of change and innovation.

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