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      View Through Simulation Tool

      The color of a fabric and the openness of its weave plays a significant role in determining an occupants views to the outside. Darker colored fabrics absorb light, allowing for greater view through while lighter fabrics reflect light, resulting in decreased view through. Openness factor (OF) must also be considered. A greater OF means a looser weave, resulting in more transparent views. The opposite is true for a lower OF whereby the tighter weave means reduced views to the outside. Get started below to find your ideal combination!

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      • Office
      • Healthcare
      • Education

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      • 0%
      • 1%
      • 3%
      • 5%
      • 10%
      • Retracted

      Select Desired Color

      • White-White
      • White-Linen
      • Perl-Grey
      • Charcoal-Apricot
      • Charcoal-Charcoal

      Note: This simulation tool is intended to show the effects of fabric color and openness on views to the outside. Actual results may vary.